Publicado: 22 agosto, 2011 en Grammar

 First of all I would like to deal with the use of the present simple. We use the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE in the following situations:

Permanent situations: I am a student. Yo soy estudiante (It is a permanent situation because you are student for a long period)

Habitual situations: I check my e-mail three times a day. Compruebo mi email tres veces al día. (It is a habbit because you do it frequently).

In temporal clauses: When we arrive, we will watch the movie.

In zero conditional: If you drink you get drunk.

Events based on a timetable or known date: The train leaves at 10 o´clock.

We have to pay attention to a common mistake. If we are asked the question “When do you use the present simple tense?” We tend to say that we use it when dealing with situations that are happening at the moment and that is a MISTAKE.  When we deal with situations that are happening at the same time that we are speaking we use the present continuous tense.

For instance:  Now, I am writing this post.

* When using the present simple tense we have to keep in mind that we add a suffix “s” when dealing with the third person singular.

For instance:

She drives a car.

John plays the guitar.


In the following post we are going to deal with the present continuous tense.



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