Paradise Lost….by Milton

Publicado: 29 agosto, 2011 en Literature

Books  I and II of Paradise Lost

     In Milton’s work Paradise Lost the themes of devil, Hell, Sin, Death, and the Heroism and Rebellion of Satan, are very common. Satan is the main topic in this poem. In the Biblical texts, Satan was described as an evil; he was the antagonist figure, who aimed to sabotage the main hero of the story. In Paradise Lost, Milton forces the reader to consider the possibility that Satan can be a hero, or at least, a complex character. It is worth noting that there are many parts in this book, in which we can find something contradictory.

 I would like to deal with the Rebellion of Satan to God. This rebellion can be considered as the main reason for the fall of men. Arnolds Williams says in his essay[1]:        

       “In the renaissance, too, pride and ambition are given as the Reason’s for Satan’s rebellion”.

   Satan was very proud and because of that proud he became very envious, so we can say that the normal explanation for Satan’s fall is that he was very proud and ambitious. Satan’s sin was the refusal to accept the incarnation of God as man. As Arnold Williams says in his essay[2]:


         “In the four great cycles the account is that God left his throne vacant for a while to go to look over creation. Satan became ambitious, sat in the empty throne, proceeded to exact homage as God, was discovered by God when he returned, and was cast into Hell together with those angels who had done him reverence”.


This desire of Satan to govern, and to have the power made him and his angels fall. The angels also had a strong desire to govern. Satan was against the incarnation of the Son of God so he refuses to perform the act of obedience of God. Satan did not want to be under the control of God and that is why he says that God is like a tyrant.

[1] Williams, Arnold, The motivation of Satan’s rebellion in “Paradise Lost”.

[2] Williams, Arnold, The motivation of Satan’s rebellion in “Paradise Lost”.




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