Comparison in English….

Publicado: 31 agosto, 2011 en Grammar

We can make comparisons in English in different ways. For example, we can find the adjectives in a comparative or superlative form.  This happens in regular adjectives where the word has different forms in order to form the comparative or the superlative.

Adjective                                 Comparative                                      Superlative

Young                                       Younger                                           (the) youngest

Slim                                          Slimmer                                           (the) slimmest

* It is important to notice that if the word ends in a single vowel and a consonant (not w), the final consonant is doubled like we have seen with “slim”. We have more examples of this type, sad, dig, fat, hot, wet…

– Two-syllable adjectives or longer form their comparative and superlative form in a different way. Another word is added. (more or most)

Adjective                                 Comparative                                  Superlative

Careful                                  More careful                                   The most careful

Casual                                   more casual                                    (the) most casual

* there are some common two-syllable adjectives that have both forms, for example:

Adjective                               Comparative                                Superlative

Simple                                  simpler or more simple                (the)simplest or (the) most simple

Finally, we can find some irregular adjectives that form their comparative and superlative in a different way. They have different words for each.

Adjective                                 Comparative                                Superlative

Good                                      better                                              (the) best

Bad                                          worse                                            (the) worst



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