What time is it?

Publicado: 21 febrero, 2012 en Grammar

Watch      What time is it? As we can see in this picture we use past to say “y” and to means “menos”. For instance:

1:20: It is twenty past one.

1:40: It is twenty TO two.

We can never use PAST in the part of TO, so we can never say: It is forty past one. X

I am going to write for you the most important hours:

A quarter past: Y cuarto

Half past: Y media

 A quarter to: Menos cuarto

 O´clock: En punto

Now we are going to see some watches with the time. I am going to write the hours so you can practise with them:

    1. It is three o´clock.            6.  It is a quarter past two.

    2. It is one o´clock.                7. It is a quarter to eight.

   3. It is twenty five past six.    8. It is half past four.

    4. It is five past ten.

     5. It is half past one.



Important: In English, we write first the minutes and then the hour. EX: It is ten to two. Son las dos menos diez.



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