My Erasmus in Aberdeen, Scotland!!!

Publicado: 22 febrero, 2012 en Scotland



Hello!! Are you thinking about applying for an Erasmus Grant? I am going to tell you my experience.

The adventure began on January 2009. I applied for my grant and I was really afraid. Your University offers you many places and you have to choose. I chose London, Cardiff, Manchester and Liverpool. When I saw the awarding I didn´t have a place in the Universities I wanted. I was the first Substitute in all of them. I was happy and at the same time sad because in a first moment I saw the Erasmus as a punishment and not as a present (It was a very good present). After few months, in June, I got a place in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. I was really afraid but I booked my plane ticket, my accommodation and everything!!! I was ready to go to Aberdeen!!!    

Flying to Aberdeen

My Erasmus experience began in September 2009. The 18th of September we took a flight to Aberdeen!! HERE WE GO!!! We arrived into Aberdeen and we were happy and sad at the same time because we had left everything in Spain.  After few weeks we were adapted to that life and we were really happy there. I met many people (English, Scottish, American, German and French people). We shared a flat in Hillhead Hall

The University was great! I recommend all Spanish students to go abroad and study at least one year in a different country and in a different university. It is a great experience, you know different educational systems and they are better than the Spanish ones. I learnt a lot there about literature and about phonetics and the teaching methods are better than in Spain.

University of Aberdeen

Another good point of living abroad is that you will know different cultures and style of life. You are going to visit different places, new cities….etc…. and the most important thing is that you are going to learn a second language and meet new people. I met many friends there and we keep in touch!

 So, if you have the opportunity, please take an ERASMUS GRANT! It is going to be an unforgettable experience. I am going to leave here some pictures about my experience (places I visited, things we did and pictures with my friends).



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