Countable and Uncountable nouns

Publicado: 8 marzo, 2012 en Grammar

                                                      Countable and uncountable nouns.

Countable: something that we can count.

Uncountable: something that we cannot count.

–          How much…..? (uncountable) How much is this jacket?

–          How many….? (countable) How many books are there?

Countable nouns can be preceded by the article a/an and have a plural form.

Uncountable nouns are not preceded by an article and they have not got a plural form.

They are preceded by some, for instance, some sugar.

. A few and Few————— PLURAL NOUNS

I have a few plums (we have enough plums).

We have few plums (we don´t have many, so we have to buy more).

. A little and little ——————–Uncountable nouns.

A little time left ( We still have time)

Little time left  (We don´t have enough)

So as we can see in this examples if we leave out the A it means that there is not enough of something but if we kept it , it has a positive meaning.

If we write little before COUNTABLE nouns it means small. For instance, A little child.



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