Publicado: 15 marzo, 2012 en Grammar

                                Prepositions of time:

In:  We use in with month, years, seasons, parts of the day, duration….

For instance: In July, In 2000, In summer, In the morning

On: We use On with days of the week, dates, special holidays and special part of a day.

Example: On Monday, on the 25th of December, on my birthday, on the momrning of September the 11th.

At: The prepositon at goes with: Parts of the day, time, celebrations

For instance: At night, at 6 o´clock, at Christmas

After: Later than something.

After school.

Before: it means early than something.

Before Christmas

Between. Time that separates two points.

Between Monday and Friday.

For: We use for, for a period of time.

For three weeks.

Since: Point of time.

Since Friday.



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