Correct Sentences

Publicado: 10 abril, 2012 en Exercises

1. Grammar. Correct the following sentences. You are going to find a mistake in each sentence. Correct the mistake and send me your answers to my email: I will check your answers as soon as possible.

1. May of 1997

2. It was a large hot summer.

3. She never had done that before.

4. I picked up the book of the floor.

5. She arrived to the aiport.

6. She hadn´t never been there before.

7. They were kind with me.

8. Let´s have other cup of tea.

9. She has very few time.

10. That depends of you.

11. How I can help you?

12. I am going to give up to smoke next week, I promise.

13. He is very good in Maths.

14. I like listening  the radio.

15. Enlighs is an important idiom.



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