Publicado: 18 abril, 2012 en Grammar

    We use the Present Perfect to describe a past action which is related in some way to the present.

Form: Have/has + Past Participle

Ex: I have lost my keys. I can´t drive my car. ( Because I lost my keys I cannot drive)

       She is celebrating because she has passed her exam.

* We can use the Present Perfect with:  just, already, yet, for, since, ever, never.

  • JUST:  A short time ago. EX: I have just had lunch.
  • Already: We use it to say that something happened sooner than expected. EX:  I have already sent it.
  • Yet: Until now. Yet shows that the speaker is expecting something to happen.  Use YET only in questions and negative sentences.

             Has it stopped raining yet?

            I have written the letter, but I haven´t sent it yet.

  • For: We use for + a period of time: For two hours, for six weeks….

             I have been waiting for two hours.

  • Since: We use since + the start of a period. Since Monday, since last week…

            I have waited since September.

  • Ever: It means “at any time”. Not specific. It is used in questions.

             Have you ever met a famous?

  • Never: The subject hasn´t had a certain experience before.

             I have never been abroad.



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