To remind vs. To remember

Publicado: 22 mayo, 2012 en Grammar

                            Remind vs. Remember

Today, we are going to deal with these controversial verbs. We are going to show the differences between then in this post.

To remind: To help somebody remember something, especially something important that they must do. Recordarle (a alguien)

To remember: To have or keep an image in your memory of an event, a person, a place etc. from the past. Recordar/Acordarse de

To remind is always used with a “person”, you should always “remind” somebody.



Can you remind ME what time the match starts?

Remind YOUR BROTHER that he has an exam.

In these examples we can see that Remind appears followed by a person (me or your brother).

Uses of Remind:

1. To remind somebody of/about something. Don´t remind me of my mistakes!

2. To remind somebody of somebody. She reminds me of my mum.

3. To remind somebody to + infinitive. Can you remind me to go to the supermarket?


You must remeber to close the door. Debes recordar cerrar la puerta.

Do you remember me? ¿Me recuerdas?



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