1st, 2nd and 3rd Conditional

Publicado: 7 junio, 2012 en Grammar

1st Conditional. (Possible)

-The sentence with if expresses a condition.

– The main sentence is the result.

                         If+ Present ………………………… Will+ Infinitive

                         If she works hard, she will pass.

 We can use the first conditional as a suggestion, so we can change WILL for a modal verb, might.

                       If you go to Rome, you might visit the coliseum.

2nd Conditional (Imaginary situations and consecuences. )

    If+ Past                            would+ infinitive

                       If we had a bigger house, we would buy some more furniture.

                       If I were you, I would have a rest. (Advice)

3rd Conditional (To speculate about situations that never happen).

   If+ Past Perfect                                                  would have+ past participle

                  If I had saved more money, we would have gone on holiday.

                  If he hadn´t spent so much money, we wouldn´t have stayed at home last summer.



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