Question Tags

Publicado: 27 septiembre, 2012 en Grammar

Question Tags are used at the end of an statement or a sentence to ask for confirmation.

They mean: Do you agree?, Am I right? 

The structure is:

Positive Statement —————– Negative question tag

She is tall.                                                    Isn´t she?

Negative Statement ……………… Positive question tag.

She doesn´t like pizza ………………  Does she?

1. Exercise. All the question tags are incorrect. Correct them.

Hi there! I have met you before, Hasn´t I? Incorrect. Have I?

– No, I don´t think so.

But, your name is Sam, aren´t it?

No, It is Sue! anyway this is a really lively party. There is a great atmosphere, doesn´t there?

Yes, definitely. The host know how to host a party, doesn´t they?

Oh yes. Pete and Anna have always loved having parties, hasn´t they?

Yes, and at this dull time of year, It´s great to have a party, hasn´t it?

Yes….Mind you, you should be able to have a good party at any time of the year, Should you?

As long as you invite the right people. It wouldn´t work with the wrong people, wouldn´t it?

IMPORTANT: The question tag must repeat the auxiliary verb used in the statement. That is, I like carrots. The auxiliary is DO but in the affirmative form it does not appear. So, when we do the question tag we write: I like carrots, don´t I?



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